My Trip to Kinmen 金門

My Trip to Kinmen 金門In March we took a three day excursion to Kinmen Island. The island is rich with historic building, museums, and lots of military memorabilia, including a bunch of underground tunnels and caves. I really liked these tunnels so I made two clips on two of the tunnels we visited, the Cheng Gone Coastal Tunnels and the ZhaiShan Tunnels. I also made a clip of the historic DeYue tower , and Maestro Wu’s knife factory. Meastro Wu makes state of the art knives from old artillery shells, super interesting.

A highlight for me was for sure the creative spirit of the Ceramic Museum and Factory. Kinmen is a small place but there is a lot to see, so I’d say you’ll need a minimum of three days here. If you’re looking for a place to stay check out the clips I did on Piano Piano and The Principal’s House, both B&B’s in old traditional houses. If you’re looking for something a bit more central, I also did a clip on the HaiFu Hotel.

We View Kinmen


Part 2



Google Maps Markers for the places in these two clips:

JianGong Tidal Island

Beef Noodle Store

Bing Old Street and Northern Gate

DeYe 得月樓 Tower

JiGuan Luo Tower

GaoLiang Factory and Show Room

Old Western Style Mansion

Cheng Gong Coastal Tunnel

Ceramic Museum and Factory

SaoBing Pastry Store

Meastro Wu’s Knife Factory

HaiFu Hotel

Piano Piano B&B

The Principal’s House B&B

6km White Sand Beach

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