My Trip to Wai Ao Beach 外澳海灘

We View Wai Ao Beach 外澳海灘Taiwan has a bunch of really nice beaches, Kending in the South is probably one of the most famous beach hang out Taiwan, there are however a couple of other really nice ones like Wai Ao Beach 外澳海灘 on the East coast. I ended up going to Wai Ao Beach a few times this summer, pretty strong underwater currents, but overall a really nice beach.

There’s a couple of B&B type places to stay at right next to the beach, check out the clip I did on Places to Stay in Wai Ao for some suggestions if you wanted to stay over. This is also the beach my friend Sarah and I decided to do a clip at titled How Safe is Taiwan where the two of us spent the entire night and early morning hanging out on the beach all by ourselves. I took pepper spray and we had our phones fully charged in case of any emergency, but you’ll just have to watch the clip to see if we ended up using either 😉 Cliffhanger I KNOW!! haha!

Wai Ao Beach 外澳海灘


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